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We are an organisation of professional North American actors who are each affiliated with at least one industry union and are legally eligible for work in the UK as well as in the US or Canada. We are an invaluable resource to casting directors on both sides of the pond, and act as a central hub of activity for our members by organizing regular industry and social events tailored to North American Actors.

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Featured Performances

Alibe Parsons
Radio Drama
The Crying Book. A BBC production. Directed by Alex Quinn. Role: Various.
Airing: Week of 24 Feb

Constantine Gregory
6 Underground. A Netflix production. Directed by Michael Bay. Role: General Pena.
Released: 01-Dec-2019
Jolt. A Campbell Grobman Films production. Directed by Tanya Wexler. Role: Driver Curtis.
Released: 2020
The King's Man. A 20th Century Fox production. Directed by Matthew Vaughn. Role: Mayor of Sarajevo.
Released: 2020
Wonder Woman 1984. An Atlas Entertainment production. Directed by Patty Jenkins. Role: Russian General.
Released: 2020
Gangs of London. A HBO / Sky Atlantic production. Directed by Gareth Evans. Role: Molotok.
Airing: 2020

Ben Perl
#TooOld. A My Lucky Mojo production. Directed by Fleur Howle. Role: Richard/Carl/Abdul.
Playing at Omnibus Theatre (Clapham). From 27-Feb-2020 to 29-Feb-2020

David Coomber
The Comedy About a Bank Robbery. A Kenny Wax production. Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward. Role: Cooper.
Playing at Criterion Theatre. to 03-May-2020

Lance C. Fuller
IHOP. A Smith and Jones/Ulf Johansson production. Role: Greg.
Violife. A Topcut Modiano production. Role: IT Guy.
Violife. A Topcut Modiano production. Role: IT Guy.
Video Game
TBA. A Pinewood production. Role: Multiple.
TBA. A Pinewood production. Role: Multiple.
Beheld (audiobook). An ID Audio / Bloomsbury production. Role: John Billington, Newcomen, John Winthrop.
The Cost of Loyalty by Tim Bakken. An ID Audio production. Role: Narrator.
The Offensive (podcast). A Primley LTD production. Role: Dwight Hayes.
Trojan. An Alchemy Post / Chattberbox production. Role: VO.

Seretta Wilson
Vagina Monologues. A V DAY Camden production. Directed by Alison David. Role: Actress with monologue.
Playing at Theatro Technis. From 14-Feb-2020 to 15-Feb-2020