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We are an organisation of professional North American actors who are each affiliated with at least one industry union and are legally eligible for work in the UK as well as in the US or Canada. We are an invaluable resource to casting directors on both sides of the pond, and act as a central hub of activity for our members by organizing regular industry and social events tailored to North American Actors.

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Featured Performances

Beth Frieden
The Shaping of Us. Pinewood Studios. Directed by Craig Ginger. Role: Narrator.
Radio Drama
Once Upon a Time in Zombieville. A Bigmouth Audio production. Directed by Stephen Scott. Role: Mrs Singh.
Airing: BBC Schools Website
The Cry. A Synchronicity Films production. Directed by Glendyn Ivin. Role: Knitting Woman.
Airing: Autumn 2018
Lolirock Tutorial videos. A Grass Roots Media production. Role: Narrator.

Robert Ashe
Summer of Rockets. A Little Island Productions production. Directed by Stephen Poliakoff. Role: Durkin.
Airing: BBC2 Autumn '18

Gigi Burgdorf
Queen Palmer's Court. Directed by Nicholas Day. Role: Queen Palmer.
Playing at NT Ightham Mote. From 29-Jun-2018

Michasha Armstrong
Deadpool 2. A 20th Century Fox & Marvel Entertainment production. Directed by David Leitch. Role: Swat Captain (School).
Released: 16-May-2018

Chris Rogers
A Fistful Of Lead. A Sony Pictures production. Directed by Marc Price. Role: Sheriff Buford J. Noone.
Released: 2018
Angel Has Fallen. A Millennium Films production. Directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Role: ICU Worker.
Released: 2019
Dumbo. A Disney production. Directed by Tim Burton. Role: The Heckler.
Released: 2019
The Halcyon. A Left Bank Pictures production. Directed by Stephen Woolfenden. Role: The Producer.

Matthew Hendrickson
San Domino. A TKD Productions & M. Green Productions production. Directed by Matthew Gould. Role: Carlo.
Playing at Trustan Bates Theatre. From 05-Jun-2018 to 30-Jun-2018