Ah, September... Fall (Can/US)/Autumn (UK) is my favourite time of year over spring or even summer. My natural disposition dictates that I’m much more comfortable slightly bundled than sweltering. Though if you prefer the heat, the average two weeks every year that the temperature does rise significantly in this country may hardly seem adequate.

Moving Out of London

What a difference a day makes...! This month, my husband and I moved house - yeesh. There’s nothing quite like a major life change to throw everything into a bit of spin and alter your perspective.

Not only has this been a significant change in accommodation, but we’ve also made the big move (just) outside of London - shock, horror! I have only ever lived in the Big Smoke since moving to the UK, but looking for a change to the pace of a metropolis while still being able to get into London easily and relatively quickly has taken us to Hertfordshire.


In preparation for a voice reel this week, I had a consultation meeting to discuss and select appropriate pieces for the recording. Inevitably, the subject of my accent came up and it was decided that I would record as a “General American”.

Never had accents (mine or otherwise) been such a consideration for me before I arrived in the UK. I remember when I first I came to London and how immediately and acutely I was aware of the vast range of accents and the meanings inferred when one opened one’s mouth to speak!

Victoria Day

In Canada, Victoria Day is a public holiday that falls on the last Monday before May 25th which marks both Queen Victoria’s birthday and the birthday of the current monarch.

Depending on where you hail from in the country, it’s sometimes referred to as the “May Long”, or the “May Two-Four” because of the late May date and, perhaps more importantly, the Canadian term for a case of 24 beers is a two-four. Do we have our priorities in order, or what?

The Elections

This week I had my first experience of a hustings in the UK. I was curious to see what it would be like and I wanted to hear a bit more from my local candidates running in the General Election.

I’m interested in politics with a lower case “p” in so far as I like to have an overall idea of what’s happening and the effects of government policies. But, this was definitely an occasion for people who are Political with a capital “P”.