How to Submit a Play

To submit a play to the festival, you must first register your contact details with American Actors UK. To do this please click Register as a Playwright in the Playreading Festival left hand side bar menu. If you registered in 2014 or 2015, your registration details will still be available and you do not need to re-register.

Once you have done this, please login using the username and password you supplied during your registration and go to the Playreading Festival main page.

When the festival is open for play submissions, you can submit as many plays as you wish by logging in and clicking on "Submit a Play/Review Plays" which will appear in the "Playreading Festival" left hand side bar menu.

You will then be asked to supply the following:
  • The title
  • Number of pages
  • A PDF file of your manuscript
  • Male roles
  • Female roles
  • Synopsis
Once you have entered and saved your play's details, you will see it displayed below. You can then click on the play's title to view or edit the play's details and you can pay the submission/administration fee of UK £15 for each play (approximately equivalent to US $22.00) by clicking on the Paypal button.

Please note that monologues can not be accepted. Please ensure that your script is anonymous. It must be in PDF format and the script's filename must NOT contain any special characters e.g. quotes, apostrophes, copyright symbols etc. If it does, you may get an error implying the file is too large when you load it. If this occurs, rename your play's script on your PC and reload it.
There are a number of free ways to easily convert your script into PDF format.
    If you have Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, you can simply print your document and select "PDF" format as the printer.

    If you are working with earlier versions you can access Microsoft Office Online here. This will allow you to copy your script and convert it into the latest version of Word which has the PDF conversion capability. Detailed instructions can be found here.

    Alternatively you can use a web based convertor, for example
These sites provide other options: If you have any queries about the festival please email If you require technical assistance in registering your details or submitting your play, please email