Photograph by: Tony Zecchinelli
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Gianpiero Cognoli

Height:  5'10" (178cm)
Build:    Medium
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:    Dark Brown, Shaved
Voice: Relaxed, Warm

Playing Ages :   36-45
Playing Roles :  Eastern European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, White
Nearest City:     London

Contact:  Directly or through my agent (see Spotlight page)
Phone:  07766 704478
Spotlight: 2854-3492-7634

Memberships: American Actors UK, Equity, SAI (Italy)

In Justice League (alongside Billy Crudup and Ezra Miller), The Power and Devils; Master Eaton in Game of Thrones alongside Emilia Clarke.

Home Voice Over Studio: No

Show Reels & Voice Clips: