Photograph by: Lynn Herrick
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Alex Kolton

Height:  5'5" (165cm)
Build:    Average
Eyes:  Green
Hair:    Red/Titian, Mid Length
Voice: Engaging, Smooth

Playing Ages :   41-60
Playing Roles :  Eastern European, Latin American, White
Nearest City:     London

Contact:  Directly by telephone or e-mail
Spotlight: KOLTON849584

Memberships: American Actors UK

I am an actress and work a lot with voice over and have also done presenting. My Voice is described as non-regional American and is crisp, informative, laid back & re-assuring. Also described as velvety, mellifluous, luxury, smooth and easy. I have worked for many people including:
Delta, Unilever, Bacardi, Virgin Media, MobilExxon, Phillips, Dyson, DHL, Citibank, BP, Nestle', Mind Gym, Discovery ID Channel documentary Series, BBC- Documentary, Dyson, BMW to name a few.
I love acting and am always looking to expand my repertoire and improve.

Theatrical Agent:
Allsorts Agency

Voiceover Agent:
Soho Voices

Home Voice Over Studio: No

Show Reels & Voice Clips: