Photograph by: Dom Burke
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Philip Rosch

Height:  5'10" (178cm)
Build:    Medium
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:    Dark Brown, Short
Voice: Serious, Clear

Playing Ages :   41-55
Playing Roles :  White
Nearest City:     London

Contact:  Through my agent (see Spotlight page)
Spotlight: 1977-8940-1485

Memberships: Equity, American Actors UK

American TV/Film roles including 'The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared' (StudioCanal), 'Any Human Heart' (Channel 4), 'The Real American: Joe McCarthy' (ZTV), ' Misfits' (Channel 4), 'Outpost II: Black Sun' (Lionsgate) and leading roles in 'Ocean of Fear' (Channel 4) and 'Horizon: Pandemic' (BBC)
British TV/Film roles including 'The Secret Agent (BBC)', 'Automata' (Antonio Banderas), 'Mr Selfridge' (ITV), 'Human Traffic' (Miramax), and leading roles in 'The Devil's Dosh' and 'Real Crime' (ITV)

Home Voice Over Studio: No

Show Reels & Voice Clips: