New American Voices

We have tried a new approach this year and have asked for short plays to be produced in a week-long evening run as opposed to one-off full-length plays to be read in the afternoons.

Unfortunately we have had great difficulty securing an appropriate venue for the festival. Most London theatres are reluctant to make their space available for one week only, preferring to rent their space for a minimum 3 or 4 week run. The 2 theatres we have found who would consider a one-week run have no availability until late 2017 or even 2018, therefore we are suspending the festival this year.

I am very sorry that your efforts have been in vain this year. We appreciate the relationship we have with North American writers and will be back in touch when we produce New American Voices again.

If you have any queries about the festival please email If you require technical assistance in registering your details or submitting your play, please email