American Actors UK is the long-standing network of American and Canadian actors legal to work in the UK. Formerly known as the North American Actors Association (NAAA), our mission is to make the entertainment industry aware that they need search no farther than American Actors UK to cast a wide range of talented actors with authentic American accents.

Casting American or Canadian roles or voices?

Whether you come from Hollywood, Bollywood, or Soho, there is plenty of castable American and Canadian talent right here. All of our actors are genuine North Americans – with authentic American or Canadian accents – and all are experienced professional actors.

With new members joining us all the time, we offer you a wide-ranging casting pool via our Search function or emailing This service is free. For more information, please see our Casting Directors page or contact us.

Although we’re not a talent agency, the agent details for our actors can be found via our website, including their voice-over agents.

Are you an American or Canadian actor working in the UK?

If you’re not already a member of American Actors UK, please join us. We’d love to have you.

In addition to supplying a casting pool to the greater industry, American Actors UK provides a social and professional network to its members. Benefits include social media promotion, industry guest speakers, social gatherings, regular email bulletins, and the opportunity to be cast in our annual Playreading Festival.

How We Work

We are an organization of and by North Americans. We are entirely self-run, led by an Executive Board. With no other funding than a low annual membership fee for our actors, the association has stayed strong since 1997 thanks to the enthusiasm of our members and our ongoing relevance to today’s international entertainment industry.

We love the UK and we love show business in the UK. Not only do we enjoy its rich tradition of acting, we also are passionate about adding to that tradition with our annual Playreading Festival. Since 2001, we’ve been bringing new North American writings to the London stage for the first time.

Our History

American Actors UK was established in 1997 under its original name, the North American Actors Association (NAAA). NAAA was formed in direct response to the dissolution of the North American Artists Committee, the advisory sub-committee of British Equity that had dealt with issues relevant to North American actors based in the UK. With the removal of this committee, the North American acting community felt they had lost a voice within the industry.

Not lost was the continued demand for actors and voice-over artists to fill American roles. Hence, the need remained for an association to help those with authentic North American voices to have a voice. And thus NAAA was born, an independent, non-profit organization, run by and for North American actors resident and working legally in the UK.

One of the key early achievements of NAAA was setting up a comprehensive database to provide free casting information to producers and casting directors, a service that proved an instant success. In 2002, NAAA printed and distributed a members directory, containing the photos and agent details of all its members. The book turned out to be so popular that NAAA published a new edition every few years up through February 2008.

We then shifted our directory from printed page to online. In 2009, our website was redesigned with a new logo and an online version of our directory, including photos, agent details, and links to Spotlight profiles. In 2013, the website was again redesigned, this time to improve the online directory and provide a better search facility for casting directors.

2013 was also the year when a major re-branding was launched, resulting in a new name: American Actors UK. The new name very clearly tells anyone in the industry exactly who we are and where we are. Do you need actors with authentic American accents? Look no further than the UK.


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