Happy New (Tax) Year!

Ah, January. The time when the holidays are gone, pantos are finally over, and the industry seems to slowly shake off the stupor that set in some time late November and start to look towards new projects. Many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions around our career – this is the year we are going to change agent/get into corporate roleplay/snag that big audition at the National. Which is awesome. But while we are all looking hopefully towards a fresh start in for the fresh new year, January signals another important event: tax time.

From the Greenroom...

"My late agent, the great eccentric Peggy Ramsay, hated me writing plays set at Christmas. 'Oh Alan,' she'd say, 'not another bloody Christmas play.' But I'd explain to her that Christmas was a gift to a dramatist. You're always looking for a reason to stick a group of people together who can't stand each other, aren't you? Dinner parties are good, but what better time than Christmas? You've got three days together and there's always bound to be at least a cousin no one can stand. I've seen it at my own Christmases - two relatives arguing bitterly over who should sit in which chair."

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American members of AAUK. It’s always a little odd celebrating Thanksgiving here in the UK. Unlike the States, where the entire country comes to a mutual screeching halt to spend time together with family, friends and strangers over vast feasts and televised sports, life here carries on as normal – apart from the odd can of pumpkin puree unexpectedly popping up in the supermarket – and we have to squeeze in our celebrations where we can.

Canadian Elections

Well, a year since I started contributing to the AAUK newsletter certainly has flown by! I’ve very much enjoyed regularly submitting writing, but I thought this one-year anniversary might be a fitting time to give someone else from the membership an opportunity to offer a new perspective.


Ah, September... Fall (Can/US)/Autumn (UK) is my favourite time of year over spring or even summer. My natural disposition dictates that I’m much more comfortable slightly bundled than sweltering. Though if you prefer the heat, the average two weeks every year that the temperature does rise significantly in this country may hardly seem adequate.