Canadian Elections - The Five Year Rule

In May 2014, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that the five-year rule for Canadian electors living abroad was no longer valid. The rule had stipulated that Canadians living outside of Canada for more than five years consecutively were not eligible to vote in federal elections by special ballot.

Now, however, all Canadian citizens aged 18 or over and living abroad may register for the International Register of Electors to vote by a mail-in special ballot in federal elections, by elections, and referendums if they have previously resided in Canada.

The New Year

I hope this finds you well in the new year. Wow, 2015 - it’s official, it’s the future!

As at the close of a project, January can come with the feeling of a slight letdown. There has been a long buildup of preparation for the main event, and following all of the time, energy, and effort we might put into celebrations, it can be a bruising bump back to reality when all is said and done.

Not to mention having to recover from jet lag after making the return trip from Canada. I liken it to operating behind a screen in slow motion - for about a week.

Returning To Acting

So, just when I thought I had a particularly Canadian voice, on two separate occasions in the last few weeks I’ve been told by UK natives that I sound Irish! Apparently, these 5-6 years living in London have softened my accent - unbeknownst to me…! I think I still sound the same as I always have, but our cultural surroundings do have a way of seeping in and shifting things around a little, especially when we’re not looking.

Hi, Welcome to Elicia's Blog

Acting is letting go and jumping off the edge while thinking, “Here goes…!”. There’s a frantic sense of, “Oh, my god, what have I done?!” combined with a little bit of, “It’s too late now”, and mostly, “This is the best thing ever!”.