Don Loco by JIm Shankman

Don Lucci wanders around New York’s Little Italy in his pajamas and bathrobe talking trash and giving orders to assassinate his neighbors. Is he a crazy old coot who thinks he is a mafia don? Or is he a mafia don pretending to be a crazy old coot? A mad old woman on a park bench, who may be his mother, has information for the police. His brother shows up at the oddest moments and dies at his feet in ever bloodier ways. An old girlfriend who is buried in Woodlawn haunts his memory What is he doing with $50,000 that he keeps in a briefcase? Who is he talking to on the phone late at night when everyone is sleeping? Is this an old man’s harmless fantasy or a criminal enterprise?


Don Loco Late 50’s - early 60’s
Contrary, contradictory, confused and worn out, a guy who wanders around Little Italy in his pajamas.

DJ 30’s
His attendant.

Old Lady 80’s
Old lady on a park bench in the neighborhood.

Benny 40’s
A dead man, formerly a lady-killer.

Theresa Late 50’s – early 60’s
Don’s wife, toughened and wary.

Tina 40’s
Don’s former girlfriend. Once a knockout, her wild life has deepened her into a striking ravaged beauty.

Joe the Bartender 40’s – 50’s
Proprietor of a downtown bar.