Ethel by Seth Freeman

Ethel Hurd, an independent woman of strong, idiosyncratic views, runs a motel in the rural outskirts of a medium-sized city. When her daughter, licking her wounds from a disastrous relationship and professional setbacks, comes limping home, Ethel's equilibrium is thrown wildly off balance.


Ethel Hurd, mid 40's-50's.
Pragmatic, unsentimental, with an irrepressible vitality. Men have come calling. Some have stayed, for varying lengths of time, leaving artifacts of their presence, worn clothes, half-read paperbacks, and occasionally, children. Mostly, as at present, she goes it on her own.

Joanie Meekin, 20's-30's.
Young, comely and a tad earnest.

Rand Burstyn, 30's-40's.
Full of himself

Gene Hurd, 15-17.
A teenager with a vitality Ethel sometimes wouldn't mind repressing.

Sheriff Sgt. Bernie Barry, 30's-40's.
Attractive, virile, catnip to the local ladies.

Ginny Hurd, late 20's-30's.
Bright, strong, pretty.

Myrna Burstyn, 30's-40's.
The tempermental, vengeful type.