Flying by Sheila Cowley

Susan flew military planes in World War II, transporting and testing planes so men could go and fight. Now she’s come home to get back to normal, but everything has changed. Susan’s husband, Bob, is the town’s local hero and she’s struggling to keep his family airfield going while he’s overseas. When Bob’s injured gunner shows up looking for a job, Susan’s forced to hire him. The stories and the lies we tell, to build the world around us.


SUSAN MCCALLAN 20s-40s, pilot.
RORY FISHER 20s-40s, WWII veteran.
LUCY 20s-30s, airplane mechanic.
LAURA LORENZO 40s-60s, aviatrix.
DOC 60s-80s, Susan's father.

Note: Rory has an artificial leg and pronounced limp.
On the same side of his body, his hand doesn't fully