What a difference a day makes...! This month, my husband and I moved house - yeesh. There’s nothing quite like a major life change to throw everything into a bit of spin and alter your perspective.

Not only has this been a significant change in accommodation, but we’ve also made the big move (just) outside of London - shock, horror! I have only ever lived in the Big Smoke since moving to the UK, but looking for a change to the pace of a metropolis while still being able to get into London easily and relatively quickly has taken us to Hertfordshire.

And now, instead of screeching trains outside the window seemingly twenty-four hours a day, there are sheep in the field at the end of our new street, and softly cooing wood pigeons! Technically, according to UK standards, I live in the “country” - a statement that many Canadians might laugh at considering it’s difficult to determine where London actually ends and the surrounding towns begin.

I have to admit to feeling much like a space cadet over the last couple of weeks as I absorb the change, and only just in the last few days would I say that I’m starting the descent towards Earth...

I hadn't realised quite how much of my identity I had wrapped up in London - I had first come to the UK to attend drama school in London, and I returned to London for the long-term a year later because I wasn’t quite finished with all the city has to offer. While I’m well-aware that there are many lovely places throughout the UK, my experience has been centred on London, and without it featuring so prominently in my everyday life, I’m coming to terms with a loss of sorts. I still plan to take advantage of the arts and culture London has to offer, but I’m also keenly aware that it won’t be the same as living in the midst of the hustle and bustle day to day.

This is also a very exciting time to take up new adventures and explore a different part of the country. These kinds of life adjustments are often incredibly rewarding creatively as everything familiar is thrown into the air and realigned as it all falls back into a place that may not be the same as before, and I’m looking forward to what a new point of view will reveal!