Well, a year since I started contributing to the AAUK newsletter certainly has flown by! I’ve very much enjoyed regularly submitting writing, but I thought this one-year anniversary might be a fitting time to give someone else from the membership an opportunity to offer a new perspective.

I have to say that I’m quite looking forward to what unfolds under the fresh perspective of Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I had mentioned earlier this year that as an expat Canadian, I was anticipating casting a ballot, but the regulations changed in the immediate lead up to the federal election, and I was no longer eligible under the new rules.

I can understand both sides of the argument when it comes to allowing expats to vote remotely by a special ballot - I have not physically lived in the country for a number of years, and I couldn’t say for certain whether or not I will return permanently in the future. I was, however, concerned for the country and the direction in which it had been taken over the last 10 years. I have to admit to feeling somewhat embarrassed by decisions made by the elected leader on behalf of Canadians, and I was eager to influence the outcome of the election in some small way.

But, apparently there was an overwhelming voter turnout and I was genuinely relieved and pleased for Canadians when the results were so decisive and indicated such a monumental change - hopefully a positive one. A change - unexpected or otherwise - can be a great catalyst for a renewed creative outlook, and I look forward to reading a new point of view from a fellow North American in the UK.

Wishing all the Canadians out there a (belated) Happy Thanksgiving and to all a very Happy Hallowe’en!