I hope this finds you well in the new year. Wow, 2015 - it’s official, it’s the future!

As at the close of a project, January can come with the feeling of a slight letdown. There has been a long buildup of preparation for the main event, and following all of the time, energy, and effort we might put into celebrations, it can be a bruising bump back to reality when all is said and done.

Not to mention having to recover from jet lag after making the return trip from Canada. I liken it to operating behind a screen in slow motion - for about a week.

Having spent the holidays overseas in North America, feeling somewhat like a tourist in my own country, I’m back in the UK adjusting to my permanent home away from home. The shift from snow and temperatures of -30C to green grass and daffodil shoots is quite extreme!

Acting jobs generally mean short-term commitments - coming together with a group of people for an intense period of creative working and then dispersing. As in the case of theatre, there isn’t even necessarily a concrete record of what we’ve put so much of ourselves into. And, we may or may not really stay in contact with colleagues we’ve just worked with so intimately.

These experiences could prove beneficial in managing post-holiday deflation. And yet...

One of the most helpful things I find to remember is that a new year offers a sense of hope for what might be. When one event comes to an end, it opens up the possibility for new experiences. So, here’s to the promise of a new year and a 2015 full of adventure!