"My late agent, the great eccentric Peggy Ramsay, hated me writing plays set at Christmas. 'Oh Alan,' she'd say, 'not another bloody Christmas play.' But I'd explain to her that Christmas was a gift to a dramatist. You're always looking for a reason to stick a group of people together who can't stand each other, aren't you? Dinner parties are good, but what better time than Christmas? You've got three days together and there's always bound to be at least a cousin no one can stand. I've seen it at my own Christmases - two relatives arguing bitterly over who should sit in which chair."

     -Alan Ayckbourn quote on Season’s Greetings from The Guardian, 20 December 2007


Going through this holiday season and the closing of 2015 (with or without compatible family members), here’s hoping that you and those close to you are happily celebrating and enjoying every minute possible.

As we mentioned in October, the American Actors UK newsletter is for you as members and, because of this, we are opening up this "blog" forum to questions and topics that you would like to see addressed in our upcoming newsletters, related to the industry in the UK, the U.S. and Canada, as well as our roles in it. Note that all sources will be anonymous.

Please write to: fromthegreenroom@americanactorsuk.com.

We look forward to launching 2016 with a positive and productive start.


As the poster from Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” said:




How could it be anything else!”