Billy & Ray by Mike Bencivega

'Billy & Ray' is the incredible true story of how Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler wrote the screenplay for DOUBLE INDEMNITY, invented film noir and nearly killed each other in the process. Set in Hollywood in the 40's it tells the hilarious tale of how two brilliant and infuriating men battled the censors and each other to create a motion picture classic. It is a portrait of the creative process as battleground. The spectacle of a cantankerous, alcoholic mystery writer and an upstart, young movie maker engaged in a violent battle of wits.

‘Billy & Ray’ shows how you don’t have to agree on everything to build something wonderful. You just have to share a passion for excellence.


BILLY WILDER (38)                  Hollywood writer/director by way of Vienna
RAYMOND CHANDLER (55)    Legendary mystery writer
JOE SISTROM (32)                  Producer for Paramount Pictures
HELEN HERNANDEZ (25)        Secretary par excellence