Narrow Daylight by Sevan Greene

Reeling from the death of her husband and the recent loss of her son in the Iraq war, Susan Davis is confronted with a surprise visitor at her doorstep – a young Iraqi girl named Lena who is more connected to her son than she could ever imagine. Not even her best friend, cookie-baking Jesus-loving Gloria and her wise ass daughter Anne-Marie, can avoid the tides of change as West meets East in sleepy Panama City, FL.


SUSAN DAVIS- 43, widow dealing with the loss of her only child, Nathan, who died in the Iraq War. She is trying to repress her emotions of loss and loneliness while coming to terms with accepting Lena’s arrival.

LENA AL-ZAHR - 19, quiet and loving, dealing with the loss of too many loved ones. She is a complete stranger in a new land and a new way of life. She is connected to Susan but unable to connect with her.

GLORIA ROGERS - 43, Susan's next door neighbor and long-time friend. Concerned and kooky, but a sweet lady who is all about baking and Jesus.

ANNE-MARIE ROGERS - 20, Gloria’s daughter who could not be more removed from her mother’s personality. College-student who is genuinely interested in helping Lena acclimate. Fun, positive, sarcastic.

NATHAN DAVIS - 19, a memory. He remains a presence in the house as long as Susan is in emotional turmoil but he can only watch her. He comes to life and speaks in Lena’s memories. He is charming, sweet, eager, and loving.