Successors by Jon Steinhagen

Kenton DeKoven, latest mayor in a long line of mayors of a major Midwestern city, announces his retirement after 25 years of service without letting his politically ambitious children know in advance. Set during a Labor Day family party/send-off for his college-bound grandson, SUCCESSORS shows a political family trying to make the best of a potentially disastrous situation - for themselves.


KENTON DeKOVEN, 66. Mayor of a major North American metropolis.
NANCY DeKOVEN, early sixties. His wife.
MARTIN DeKOVEN, early forties. Their eldest son.
JANET DeKOVEN, late thirties. His wife.
TYLER DeKOVEN, 18. His son.
PATRICIA DeKOVEN, late thirties - early forties. Kenton’s daughter.
PALMER LARRABY, early forties. Her husband.
SCOTT DeKOVEN, mid - thirties. Kenton’s youngest son.
STACY MEWLICK, early thirties. His girlfriend.
LOU TEDESCO, 46. Kenton’s nephew and CEA.
MAE DeKOVEN TEDESCO, 71. Kenton’s sister and Lou’s mother.
AMBER TOBIN, 18. Tyler’s girlfriend