Breaking News: We Have a New Games Agreement!

With many of us still reeling from the one-two punch of COVID and Brexit, and the long shadows of winter creeping in after an almost nonexistent summer, good news can seem thin on the ground these days. However, some has arrived at last: Nearly 20 years in the making, Equity finally has a Games Agreement for those working as audio artists in video games.

Self-tape Blues


If there is one subject likely to cause heated debate among actors right now, it's that dreaded word: self-tape. Already on the rise before the pandemic made it the main game in town, self-taping is a deceptively simple concept for what is becoming an increasing point of contention.

A Pox on Thee: The Coronavirus Crisis


How quickly the world has changed in the past two months. Although everyone will have been affected in a slightly different way, each of us will have suffered from the tornado that is COVID-19, which has ripped through our lives, decimating the landscape and unleashing disruption, both public and personal.

Immigration Issues: Brexit's About to Get Real


Since the fateful 2016 referendum, I've written several times about the implications of the UK's changing status for us foreign national performers living here. But things are about to get painfully real, and it's important to be prepared for a changing landscape.

If you are already here in the UK – as, let's face it, all members of the AAUK are  - well done. For the most part, you will be fine; there will definitely be changes, but by and large, you've already accomplished the hardest bit, which is living and working in the UK legally. Take a breath.