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We are an organisation of professional North American actors who are each affiliated with at least one industry union and are legally eligible for work in the UK as well as in the US or Canada. We are an invaluable resource to casting directors on both sides of the pond, and act as a central hub of activity for our members by organizing regular industry and social events tailored to North American Actors.

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Featured Performances

Anne Wittman
Shapes. A Starker Films production. Directed by Roberto Prestia. Role: Rose.
Released: 01-Oct-2022
Avenue 5 - Season 2, EP 2. A HBO / Jettison Productions production. Directed by Armando Iannucci / Will Stefan Smith. Role: Lauren.
Airing: 10-Oct-2022

Chris Rogers
Avenue 5. A HBO / Jettison Productions production. Directed by Armando Iannucci / Will Stefan Smith. Role: Rory.
Airing: 24-Oct-2022

Kosha Engler
The Batman. A Warner Bros. production. Directed by Matt Reeves. Role: Mayor Mitchell's Wife.
Released: 2022
Industry (season 2). A HBO / BBC2 / Bad Wolf production. Directed by Isabella Eklöf. Role: Ellen.
Airing: 2022
LiveWired Comedy Improvisation. Directed by Jonathan Reed. Role: Player.
Playing at Canal Cafe Theatre. From 28-Jun-2022 to 28-Jun-2022
Video Game
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. A Side UK / TT Games / Warners Bros. production. Role: Zorii Bliss.
Best & Bester. A Nickelodeon / Eye Present production. Role: Flip Flop (series regular).
Kitti Katz. A Netflix production. Role: Cleo (series regular).

Erick Hayden
Dirty Dancing. A Secret Cinema production. Directed by Thom Mitchell. Role: Jake Houseman.
Playing at Gunnersbury Park. From 2022 to 2022

Delaney Conway
Sephora. A Campfire production. Role: Lead.
Short Film
Hard Candies. A Touché Vision production. Directed by Veronica Maier. Role: Lead.
Released: 2022
The Monitor. A Nightpiece Media production. Directed by Al Carretta. Role: Lead.
Released: 2022
Eulogy R&D. A New Diorama Theatre production. Directed by Nicky Watkinson. Role: Lead.
Playing at NDT Broadgate. From 01-Jul-2022

Blake Kubena
SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE VALLEY OF FEAR. A Blackeyed Theatre Company production. Directed by Nick Lane. Role: Jack McMurdo.
Playing at UK tour. From 01-Sep-2022 to 01-May-2023